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Solutions for Eliminating Mold

mold inspector looking for mold in home crawl space in palm beach, florida

Mold Inspection: In order to ascertain whether or not there is a mold removal issue for homeowners and businesses, we carry out visual inspections and search for moisture in concealed areas.

air quality specialist holding a cartridge with air sample to be sent to mold testing lab

Mold Remediation: All living mold on the premises must be killed and denaturated so that it and its mycotoxins can no longer grow, reproduce, or harm the health of the occupants.

nozzle of a dry fog machine dispensing disinfectant into a home in palm beach county, florida

Mold Remediation: killing, and denaturing all living mold on premise, so that it and its mycotoxins are “deactivated” and can no longer grow, replicate or poison the health of occupants.

mold growing in three petri dishes which be used to recommend that mold removal be done on a home in west palm beach, florida

Mold Removal: the physical removal or concealment of mold that is dead but unsightly. To remove building materials that cannot be saved, this almost always necessitates some demolition.

Case Studies

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Detailed examples of how our solutions mattered to unique client cases, and what was required to deliver the most thorough mold remediation services available.

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