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Mold Is a Problem that Florida Residents Need to be Constantly Vigilant of.  Due to the High Humidity and Rainfall at Some Point Every Home In Florida Will experience Mold Growth.  This effectsIndoor Air Quality and In Turn Can Effect The Health of Children in Schools and Families and Retirees in Their Homes and Businesses.

Communities in Amelia Island and Oceanway to the north are affected.  For residents in the greater beach community along the coast in Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach would be wise to maintain humidity control.  This goes for those that live in Ponte Vedra Beach, Sawgrass and the greater  St. Augustine area. as Black Mold can grow in dark areas with poor ventilation in as little as 60% humidity.  In other communities all along I-295 as well as in Orange Park, Fruit Cove, and Lakeside; mold growth can impact health, aggravate existing health conditions, and even compromise the integrity and structure of your building or home.

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Your Home or Business Could be Contributing to Poor Health

Unless you play golf, spend a lot of time on the beach or work outdoors, chances are you spend most of your day in your car or indoors. This means, more than ever, indoor air quality is having an impact on your health.  However mild it may be, across time unhealthy environments will have an effect on employees and on your family.  The first step to prevention is to invite a Pure Maintenance Mold Expert over to conduct a free no-obligations initial assessment and estimate. You can see our availability by looking at our calendar by clicking on "Schedule an Appointment" in the Menu.  If you prefer filling out the form below, we will get back to you via email as soon as possible.

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