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Pure Maintenance is a national chain of more than 100 locations that started in Utah in 2007. The demand has been so great that the time came to share the proprietary dry fog approach and make it available across the country.  Certified by the EPA and FDA in every state, there are more than 20,000 satisfied customers to date and are growing rapidly.  Why?  Because customers want to pay less for a much higher quality job that kills more of the mold at your location than any other solution on the market. At last homeowners and business owners have an option that fits their budget!  Businesses can achieve a healthier workforce with better air quality, and public schools and prisons, hotels, and other government buildings can now create healthier environments with no interruption to their operations.


Our mold experts are certified and are members of the National Association of Mold Remediators. Whether your black mold issue is obvious in your laundry room or basement wall or under a kitchen sink, we will consult with you about the options you have and make any additional recommended procedures.


We have resolved the chronic health symptoms experienced by thousands of homeowners such as headaches or an increase in asthma attacks, or chronic sinus infections. With a single prescription of dry fog from Pure Maintenance Mold Removal - Jacksonville you will eliminate any spore-emitting growth behind walls and in other locations that aren't visible.  You will get increased efficacy and minimize the need and cost of demolition and reconstruction.


Do you live near Jacksonville Beach?  Or have a business in Sawgrass, FL, or help run a school in Neptune Beach, FL, or anywhere in Duval County?  Call us, or schedule your appointment by finding an available time on our calendar below.  No matter where you live we will provide our professional advice. Should you live too far away, we will make a recommendation and not leave you empty-handed.

Our Dry Fog Solution Gets the Job Done

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Pure Maintenance Mold Removal - Jacksonville

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