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Certified Florida State Mold Assessors

We are licensed by the State of Florida to assess mold growth and damage in Jacksonville and throughout the Beach communities from Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and south to Palm Coast.  Our technicians are experienced and always aim to deliver 5-star customer satisfaction.

Mold Inspections within 48-Hours

 We can usually complete a mold inspection at your property within 24 hours of you contacting us. At times we may need to schedule you out up to 48 hours.  If urgent, we will come out immediately. Once we arrive we take limited time as our experienced inspectors are fast and thorough.

Help with Mold  Insurance Claims

Ask our Mold Inspector during your mold inspection to help you submit an insurance claim to offset or cover the cost of Mold Removal.

We have worked with every home insurance company in north Florida and know the rigmarole. Working with public adjusters we assist you in getting your claim approved as fast as possible.  We don't interpret policies nor tell you whether you are covered, but can help you find out.

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Is it for Your Home (Non-Commercial)?

Is There Less Than 10 Sq Ft of Contiguous, Visible Mold?

You can have more mold, as long as no single patch exceeds 10 sq ft of visible AND contiguous growth.

You Can Save $600 and 3 Days of Time!

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Why Choose Pure Maintenance for Your Mold Inspection?

The Mold Inspection & Removal Process

From your first contact to the air quality test review ... just 5 to 12 days.

(30-minute inspection)


1 - 2


(6 Hours to Dry Fog Twice)


1 - 7


(20-minutes to review the results)




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