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Jacksonville, Florida is one of the most humid cities in the United States. Which makes it an ideal environment for mold to spore and grow. To resolve mold growth, homeowners and office managers need an innovative process to continually kill mold that's invading their spaces. Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation is the answer. With industry-leading two-step dry fog technology, we use InstaPURE to kill and remove mold from your home or office. Then uses EverPURE to provide a long-lasting, safe antimicrobial layer that provides ongoing protection against mold and other pathogens for months afterward.  Perhaps best of all, you do this--without breaking your walls or your bank account.


What is dry fog technology? In 40% of cases, rather than using demolition, Pure Maintenance in Jacksonville uses an FDA and EPA approved sterilant that removes and kills mold, pathogens, and viruses from your home. So in 40% of cases, demolition isn't necessary. Dry fog is the delivery mechanism that creates a mist-like environment that bounces around the room, filling every crack, penetrating every surface, and absorbing into areas that no other solution can reach. Including effective kill and denaturing of mold behind walls. What's more, dry fogging remediates mold from all sorts of surfaces; brick, stone, fabrics, leather, furniture, carpets, HVAC, and you name it--all with our unique dry formula, leaving behind no visible, wet or sticky residue. In other words, no tearing down walls, no covering furniture before leaving your home or office. Everything in your home will benefit. Fill out the form below to contact Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation - Jacksonville to get your free estimate and to learn more about our revolutionary, low cost mold removal process.


What's the Pure Maintenance Process? The first thing we do is test for mold. Our test isn't limited to what's seen but what's in the air as well. Within a few days, we share the results from a third-party testing service so you can make the right decision about next steps. Should you need to use our services, our team will bring the necessary equipment to dry fog your home or office, and do it in as little as four hours. Allowing you to return almost immediately to a mold-free building. To ensure satisfaction, before we leave we will retest several areas for mold and pathogens to make sure you're rid of mold and remediated from spores and that your home's health has been restored completely. We can guarantee satisfaction because we eliminate 100% of the additional mold in your home and office.


The Army Corps of Engineers learned about Pure Maintenance, and was intrigued by our patented process.  The result was another confirmation of efficacy, long-term protection and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings. To learn more about this study click below.


For any questions about our mold remediation process, you can call us directly at (904) 600-4599 or fill out the form and we'll call you ASAP.


Dry Fog Mold Remediation - Jacksonville Home

Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation - Jacksonville

Schedule a time for a Mold Expert to visit you to provide a free in-depth consult and estimate... 

kill mold 100% satisfaction guarantee, New York

Filll out this form or give us a call:   (904) 600-4599

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    Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation - Jacksonville Florida

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    Every type of mold can contribute to poor health. Pure Maintenance's patented process kills and denatures them all, including kill all viruses and bacteria. Other solutions can say the same, but what they are missing is "reach."  Dry fog molecules penetrate sheet rock, wood, and infiltrates every place that mold may lurk. Best of all, we beat the competition on cost every time. Fill out the following form to get your free quote.

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      Easy No Hassle Mold Removal Jacksonville

      No Demolition

      For Mold Inside your walls, in your attic and in your carpet, you don't have to pull out the hammer or tear out a perfectly good carpet. With dry fog. you save yourself the labor and the hassle.

      Affordable Mold Remediation Jacksonville

      Affordable Mold Remediation

      With Pure Maintenance, you could eliminate the quarantining, the construction crew and the cost of new materials. This means you keep the savings and do so with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

      Kill Mold Fast Jacksonville Florida

      Kill Mold Fast

      In as little as four hours, while you are at work, or after hours at your business, you can restore fresh healthy air to your home and facility.  No need to take longer or make this harder than it has to be.

      Dry Fog Mold Remediation - Jacksonville Home

      Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation - Jacksonville

      Schedule a time for a Mold Expert to visit you to provide a free in-depth consult and estimate... 

      kill mold 100% satisfaction guarantee, New York

      Filll out this form or give us a call:   (904) 600-4599

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        Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation - Jacksonville Florida


        The Pure Maintenance Jacksonville location primarily services customers in Nassau County, Duval County, St. Johns County and Clay County.  Many of our customers are in the beach and coastal communities like Amelia Island, Neptune Beach, and just south of there in Jacksonville Beach.  We also service customers in Palm Valley, and down in St. Johns. For these communities, including Ponte Vedra Beach and Sawgrass, if humidity is not well-controlled mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours.  All that is required for mold to grow and spore is 60% or greater humidity.


        Just south of us Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation owns to other areas, one in the Greater Daytona Beach area and another in the greater Orlando area.  Between our locations and all our affiliates, we nearly cover the entire country.  Give us a call and we will put you in touch with the best person base on where you live.


        Also, all our Environmental Abatement services are performed at your location.  So regardless of where you live, we are as convenient as an invitation to your home, business, or other location.

        We Guarantee Satisfaction

        Best Value for the $! Contractor's wanted to rip my house apart before fixing the problem. Pure Maintenance saved me time and headache.

        Ryan B.

        Called Pure Maintenance and they were able to give me a mold test through a 3rd party lab which I had in my basement due to some flooding from a year ago. They gave me a bid along with the positive test. Within a week they squeezed me into their schedule, came out and fogged my entire house. When I got home it had almost a bleach, vinegary smell. Before the service, the room in the corner of my basement that was most effected smelled like mold every time you would walk into the room. It has now been a full month since the treatment and there is zero odor when I enter the room now. They guarantee their service for a year and will come and do a new test and if it comes back positive, will fog again, but as of right now I know I don't need a test from them cuz my nose can tell me that there isn't mold smell like there was before. Awesome company, awesome service!

        Brad P.

        We had a mold problem for years caused by a leaking drain. When the ceiling collapsed in our pantry under the main bathroom, we discovered a large amount of black mold. After removing all the mold infested wood and sheetrock and treating the area with a mild bleach solution, we could still smell the mold. We called in Pure Maintenance and the smell was completely eliminated.

        We are delighted to have this health threat removed and were very pleased with how quickly and easily working with Brandon was. We strongly recommend their service.

        Judy M.


        There is a Good Chance Your Home Has Mold Growth

        And 27% is conservative. It is estimated that 30% of all new homes have some mold growth.  This goes dramatically up for older homes in more humid climates.  We feel comfortable claiming that 27% of all homes in Jacksonville have mold levels that are impacting the occupants' health. Even if it is only slightly.

        You are guaranteed some mold growth in Florida, if humidity at your location is not reduced and controlled.  All you need is  moisture and a dark place that has poor ventilation. Hydro-static Pressure in a crawl space, a small leak in an attic, a broken pipe at a vacation getaway or apartment, dripping condensation from cold water pipes, an inadvertent pin-hole in a copper pipe. These and many other situations can silently develop the perfect conditions for mold growth. To request an air quality test, scroll up to fill out the form or schedule a mold expert to come out to your home for a free initial assessment.  Whether you are a home or business owner, or a landlord, we guarantee resolution with the most effective and cutting edge technology available to you today - Pure Maintenance Dry Fog.

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